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About Us

Scott & Wendy started Custom Collectibles to showcase their creativity.  Together they  Repurpose, Reuse & Recycle vintage furniture. Transforming  every piece into current  custom home décor. Upcycling furniture with "good Bones" breathes a second life into them. Beautiful arrays of  real wood & original quality a​rtisanship lends itself to each custom designed piece they reinvent for your home.

Together they make a great  team providing expert craftsmanship & and innovative design. Both are happy to meet with you one on one.  Free consultations regarding  restoration projects, specifically  commissio​ned pieces for your home or other inquiries are welcomed. Their redesigned home decor  showcase a spectrum of design innovation. Traditional, artdeco, industrial, rustic, modern, or beautifully timeless designs are meant to inspire your  individual  style making your home unique.

Visit them at their new location in Dover NH to see their latest home décor collections. Check out  their extensive inventory of unfinished pieces and imagine what custom designs work for you and your home. 

Please visit their gallery to appreciate their ​collection of reimagined décor.  ​


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